Day 1 : Negombo to Kitulgala

We will wake up on early morning and our group will begin their journey from Negombo to Kitulgala in a trip that is only 75 kilo meters length.
We will enjoy the White Water Rafting while being surrounded by the 5 kilometer long river in an experience that merges us with the soul with the nature. If our group have younger participants and want to enjoy the rafting experience they can go to the Flat Water Rafting experience.
The Waterfall Abseiling will make us enjoy the view of the waterfall while being hanged by a powerful rope. Crossing the the keleni River in an open wooden board without a sail and walking into the deeps of the Rain Forest of Kitulgala Forest Reserve. Water Fall Trekking gives you the best view of the waterfall in Kitulgala. Bird Watching trip will be afterwards too, it will be great if you’re a nature lover. The variation of birds will make your mind wonder in the sea of brightful colors!
In natural rock pools and waterfalls of kataran-oya. There are 7 natural pools which are great for having a confidence jump and water stream.
River trip in Kitulgala. Since the open natural area gives a great shelter for plants and animals and a lot of historic bridges and river crossing.


Day 2 : Kithulgala to Nuwaraeliya

We are going to start the trip of travelling from Kitulgala to Nuwaraeliya and start a great journey of
Visiting the Little England of Sri Lanka which was the hill retreat for British people who spent their life over this hill. It feels like an old English colony. There are some golf and polo fields to feel the great English lifestyle they had back in the day. Afterwards, we are heading over to Devon Falls that are 97 meters high and one of the highest twenty water falls in the island. After it we are going into the countryside and take a great walk into the tea plant. Our group will have a great trip over to Mahal Ella falls. These falls are unusual type consisting of a double cascade derived from different water sources. The bigger waterfall, the Mahal Ella is 80m high and is situated on the Kotmale Oya. Sounds breathtaking, doesn’t it? Then we will leave for Horton plains, it’s a beautiful, silent, strange place with some excellent hikes in the shadows of Sri Lanka.
Then, it was later renamed as Horton Plains after the then British Governor Sir Robert Horton.

Day 3 : Nuwaraeliya Ella

After breakfast time, we are going to head to Nanuoya Railway Station then take a train from Nanuoya to Ella. We will get our ride at Ella’s train station to get to Mini Adam’s Peak which is named after the similarity between both mountains. A great view of nature of Sri Lanka in main when you’re on top.


Day 4 : Ella Adventure Site

We will head for breakfast and then begin our journey that will have some great activities such as:
Aerial Rope, the great acrobatic hanging show!
Monkey rope, similar to Aerial Rope but…..monkey will be playing acrobats on the rope instead!
Slithering rope, the well-known show where we will watch a man walking with only a stick on a thin rope!
Toddy tapping, where we will have the chance to watch Sri Lankan men getting palms off palm tree to make the great palm wine!
Muds games. Like skipping ropes over mud and pull-the-rope in the mud to feel better within the lovely nature and get yourself merged with it!
And many other activities according to your package.


Day 5 : Ella Yala

Our group will gather on early morning and head for Yala then take a part in evening safari at Yala. A great trip that we will have the chance to see over 44 varieties of mammals and 215 bird species.
It’s also considered as the world’s biggest concentration of leopards, majestic elephants, sloth bears, sambars, jackals, spotted dear, peacocks, and crocodiles.


Day 6: Bentota Negombo

Whole day will be spent relaxing on Negombo’s beach to enjoy the great sea view. The waves of sea will really get back to you for next tour.


Day 7 : Negombo airport

We gonna head for Negombo to finish one of the greatest journeys you ever had in our life

We hope your journey with us was enjoyable and wish you a safe and pleasant flight home!